Parkland Buyers, there’s still time!

Have you been shopping for a home in Parkand, determined to be moved into a “new” residence before the end of the year?  Perhaps now you feel your time has run out for this year and you’d be better off waiting until next year to resume your search.  You’re probably thinking you don’t won’t to be in the midst of a move at this very busy holiday time, which is understandable.  However, you do have options which will allow you to have the best situation….essentially, you can buy a home now,  close before the year’s end, but not move before mid-January–long after the last tinsel has been swept away and the relatives have gone home!  How, you are wondering, can this be done?  For cash buyers, it is much easier, but for buyers obtaining financing, there is still a chance.  If you have all your documentation to your lender, here’s how it works.  Get out there and find the home for you….there are plenty of great buys available for your picking.  Indicate December 31st as the closing date…this is the last day of the year you can close and homestead your new primary residence for next year (a very worthwhile savings!).  Normally, you are required to vacate your home by closing, but in this circumstance, you’re going to lease your home back to the sellers for the first couple of weeks in January.  The sellers will be happy because their home is sold but they do not need to move during the holiday season.  You’re happy because you have purchased your dream home which you can homestead next year; you’ve grabbed a great interest rate before they rise, shrinking your buying power (Did you know, for every 1% interest rates rise, your buying power is decreased by 10%?); and you have been able to enjoy the holiday season!  If you’re a Florida resident already, you can also take advantage of portability when you apply to homestead the new property.  My guess is that the opportunity for portability will be taken away in the near future….with prices no longer sky-rocketing, the need no longer applies.  Remember the adage, “He who hesitates is lost” or more simply put, “He who snoozes, loses”.  Quick, get out there, have fun and buy your new home!

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