Home owner’s insurance in Florida

As an active realtor in the South Florida real estate market, I have developed numerous synergistic relationships with business professionals in related fields.  We often share ideas and information, assisting each other in our businesses.  When I acquire information that I feel will be interesting and/or helpful to you, my readers, I will share it with you.

That being said, today, I had the opportunity to speak with my real estate insurance guru, Lee, and he opened my eyes to recent developments in the homeowners’ insurance world.  He explained to me that numerous carriers have gone out of business, while others have downsized, dropping many of their policies.  He indicated that after the first of the year, many homeowners can expect a significant increase in their policy (30%+).  He strongly suggests homeowners shop for the best rate, and he said the time to shop is now.  We all survived the hurricane season unscathed, so the next four months, while all is quiet, is the best time to buy.  Lee also stressed the huge benefit (money savings) of having a four point or wind mitigation inspection.

If you’d like more specific information, let me know and I can put you in touch with Lee.  Be proactive….know your options!

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