Parkland Florida schools ranked 8th in the country!

At one time, Parkland was considered the best kept secret in South Florida.  However, the secret has been out several years now, and numerous S. Florida buyers are concentrating their efforts on this desirable community.  Located in northwest Broward, the community has a population of 26,000+ , numerous parks, very little commercial property, beautiful neighborhoods AND great schools.  Business professionals from all walks of life are happy to commute to the cities of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami in order to enjoy the Parkland lifestyle. 

Although all the characteristics combined create Parkland’s strong appeal, the outstanding schools may be the clincher.  Recently, Forbes released their second-annual list of The Best Schools for Your Real Estate Buck, which looks at the places in America where your housing dollar will go the furthest in getting your children a great education.  Done in partnership with GreatSchool, Forbes analyzed 17,589 towns and cities in the 49 states that administer standardized, statewide tests.  GreatSchools also used results from the most recent National Assessment for Educational Progress data, a federal program that randomly tests selected students in fourth, eighth, and 12th grades to provide state-level assessments of learning and educational progress.  By combining the two datasets, GreatSchools could calibrate the results of individual cities in a single state with national standards to come up with an absolute score for each city.  Grading each city on a curve, with the highest ranking city scoring 100, the city of Parkland scored 95.98, placing 8th in the country! 

Yes, there are numerous reasons to choose Parkland, Florida for your future residence, and the most notable reason may very well be the outstanding schools!

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