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The Mechler Group would like to make your home search easy and hassle free. We understand, with today’s technology, you have the ability to complete a home search via the internet. However, we’re also aware how complex and time-consuming the process can be. No doubt your own job keeps you busy, and in your free time, there are many more exciting and less frustrating things to do than peruse various real estate websites, only to find the home you have selected is already sold and closed!

We can make it easy for you! Just answer the following questions and we will set up a specific search that addresses all your wants and needs.

Once you have answered the questions, just send them to us and we’ll set up your automatic email search right away. There is no need for you to send us your telephone number … we do NOT want to bother you with phone calls. Hopefully, when we send a home that piques your interest, you’ll call us so you can view the home “up close and personal”.

We look forward to making your home search hassle free!


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Where do you want to live? Please be as specific as possible. You may only indicate the city desired, but if you know the development, or even more specifically, the subdivision within the development, that will be even better.

How much money do you feel comfortable spending on your new home? Make sure to speak to a lender to determine your qualification limitations. If you do not have a relationship with a lender, I recommend you call Mortgage Banker, Justin Miller at: 754-214-7449.

What is the minimum number of bedrooms you require?

How many full bathrooms do you need?

Do you need a garage? If yes, how large do you want? Is a one-car sufficient or do you need a 2-car, 3-car or larger?

If you want an office, do you need another room plus the minimum number of bedrooms you indicated (#3), or will you use one of the bedrooms for an office space?

What is the minimum living area square footage you require? Do you also have a maximum?

Does the age of the home matter to you? If yes, please indicate what year built is the oldest you’ll consider.

Will you consider a 2-story home? If yes, does the master bedroom need to be on the first floor?

Does the size of the land matter to you? If yes, how large of a lot do you require?

Do you want a gated community or would you prefer it open? Do you want to consider both?

Do you want your own swimming pool? If you’re purchasing a townhome or villa, is a community pool a requirement?

Do you have a pet that must be allowed to reside with you in your home? Your pet is a ...? (dog, cat, horse) Is the weight of your pet less or more than 20 pounds?

Are there any amenities you require within a community, such as a clubhouse or golf course?

Will you consider purchasing a short sale?

Do you want to live in a community that requires all residents be 55 years old or older?

Do you have any other questions or comments?