Our Sincerest Thanks

February 1, 2012

Dear Bobbi,

We are writing this letter to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the highly professional services that you rendered to our family this year. As you know, we live in New York and contacted you, through a ReMax agent referral in New York, in August of 2011 to sell our family’s Condo in Margate, Florida. Unfortunately, the Condo was not in the best of condition, and was going to be a challenging property to sell.

We knew from the first telephone conversation with you that we had located a competent agent who would be working with us. You took the time and effort to make sure we understood all the steps in the process of selling a property in Florida. You helped us to identify a realistic asking price based on the unique characteristics of the property. When related exiting services were required for the property (i.e. rubbish removal, etc.) you helped secure the services and insured that they were performed properly, and at a fair cost.

The Condo went on the market, and we had screened a financially campable buyer within a reasonable period of time. We moved through the contract process, and to a closing efficiently. Withing a few short months, the Condo was sold to a new owner.

Needless to say, we are very satisfied with the services that you provided. If we have a reason to contact a realoto in Florida again, it will most certainly be you. Thank you for your consideration, professionalism and excellent service.

With fond regards,
Bob J and Family