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Parkland home buyers, here are your most common mistakes when getting a mortgage!

  When working with buyers, I find they often complain about the complex and frustrating process of obtaining their mortgage.  When I call their mortgage banker to ascertain the problem, certain responses recur.  I...

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Parkland buyers, what do you need to get a Jumbo Mortgage?

Parkland homebuyers, in my last article, with the assistance of my preferred lender, Justin Miller of Fembi Mortgage, I explained why lenders are extremely cautious ( it may be argued, overly) when approving a home...

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Parkland residents, are you wondering if lenders really want to make loans?

We Parkland realtors are experiencing the same frustrating scenario many realtors are encountering in sunny South Florida.  After we have met with a new, potential buyer, we introduce them to a competent mortgage banker who will ascertain his...

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